7 ways to balance health and indulgence

There was a time when healthy food meant counting calories, omitting carbs, giving up sugar and going fat-free—in other words, it was all about deprivation. But not anymore. Today’s definition of healthy means an overall focus on nutrition and wellness that doesn’t mean giving up enjoyment. It’s all about balance: good fats, healthy carbs, better sweeteners, wholesome ingredients and satisfying flavor enhancements. It means food that customers can feel good about, at the same time that they’re enjoying the dining experience.

In fact, it’s the elimination of healthy ingredients such as good fats that can lead to deprivation, and ultimately, consumers may try to fill that desire with empty calories. “That negates the idea of balance and moderation,” he says.

The following tips can help you balance the need for healthy lifestyle habits with their desire for enjoyment and experimentation when dining:

  1. Provide a balance of both healthful and indulgent menu options, with an eye to quality ingredients.
  2. Add flavor with herbs, spices, rubs, and marinades.
  3. Offer customization in the form of flavor boosts topical add-ons and other “flavor station” enhancements.
  4. Cook vegetables in broth, rather than salted water, to cut sodium without sacrificing flavor.
  5. Reduce reliance on processed foods.
  6. Follow global food trends, using flavorful ingredients such as chipotle and other chiles, Sriracha, wasabi and other carriers of flavor-boosting heat.
  7. Explore local sourcing for vegetables, eggs and meat, which promotes enjoyment through a connection to the community of wholesome and healthy suppliers.


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