Why we started Joli Minis

Food and smile are the shortest distance to people. Food presents the culture and history; smile brings you positive countenance and comfort. Food and smile are my two favorite things in the world. I love life. Life is full of flavors. Have you smiled today? Enjoy every joli mini moment in life.   --- Polly Yin

A former chemical engineer in the pharmaceutical industry, now self-taught pastry chef, Polly Yin is the creative force behind Joli Minis. Passionate about baking since childhood and with the idea that food bringing joy to people, she decided to do what she loved and launched Joli Minis. Polly Yin currently serves as the company’s President and Chief Product Officer. 

Joli Minis began its journey with luxury online boutiques that specialize in gourmet biscuits. We built our reputation as purveyors of Taiwanese pineapple cake. Our product offering includes the finest fruit-filled biscuits and other fine treats.


Passion. Pleasure. Perfection.

These are the driving forces for every product we make for you. Motivated by a deep desire to bring the finest culinary experiences to a wider audience, the brand scours the planet to present an ever-expanding line of global tastes and sensations. Judiciously selected for a discerning public, the Joli Minis collection draws on French culinary heritage and traditional Taiwanese flavorings, always with a contemporary twist. Joli Minis’ innovative spirit keeps it at the forefront of modern taste, creating ever-new unique dishes out of the love for food.


Joli Minis Lifestyle - Enjoy the JOLI mini things in life.

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  • Lisa Wang

    Love Taiwanese pineapple cake, so glad I found you guys. They taste just like home. I can now enjoy the fresh pineapple cake in New York.

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