Our Story


"The Brick" got the name from the shape of the pastry. We shaped this Taiwanese pastry, pineapple cake, like a brick. The Bricks are available in flavors inspired by other sweets around the world! To keep things fresh, a new flavor is often added to the collection. Seasonal favorites include Winter Wonderland, The Taste of First Love, and Tropical Paradise.

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The Brick Boutique is an artisan bakery founded in summer 2016 in New York. We specialize in baking pineapple cakes/tarts (鳳梨酥), the most popular traditional Taiwanese pastries. Owner & Head Baker, Polly Yin, wanted to bring you the unique experience by combining the traditional Taiwanese pineapple cake with an authentic American twist. Polly used to be a chemical engineer, so The Brick Boutique's kitchen is like a chemistry lab; we love experimenting new flavors by working with local producers to find fresh and seasonal ingredients.