100% Women-Owned Specialty Foods Company

Joli Minis® is a 100% women-owned and operated specialty foods company located in beautiful Long Island, New York. We are offering a distinctive line of baked goods inspired by cosmopolitan consumers with sophisticated tastes --- where every bite excites the senses with innovative flavor combinations that are the finest, richest, and always delicious!


are the driving forces behind the Joli Minis’ style. Motivated by deep desire to bring the finest culinary experiences to a wider audience, Joli Minis’ team of talented bakers are committed to scouring the planet to present an ever-expanding line of global tastes and sensations, and to making the most upscale, innovative specialty food items available. Our recipes include only premium, natural ingredients that adhere to non-GMO and organic standards.

Our dedication to quality is uncompromising and goes beyond ingredient selection. A hands-on approach is extended to all aspects of our business to provide the best possible products and ensure customer satisfaction. With great care, Joli Minis’ products are baked, packed and shipped daily from our boutique baking facility. Our full line of bite-size fruit tarts and biscuits can be purchased on our website individually, or as part of a thoughtfully curated gift box.

We want to bring you the luxury you can taste.