Caribbean Beach

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This is an exquisite example of twist of taste. When the traditional Taiwanese pineapple cake is mixed with fun and exciting American flavors, the result is just superb. The delectable and crunchy coconut crust stuffed with delicious pineapple makes these tarts absolutely marvelous. Bite down and feel yourself by the sea shore. The wonderful deluge of taste will engulf you from top to bottom and carry you to the Caribbean Beach paradise as if you are sipping Piña Colada and tanning in a carefree world.

The tasty inner filling is made of crushed pineapples. The flavor of soft and chewy inner part when mixes with the taste of the crunchy outer crust the overall effect is just outstanding. Pair these with a cup of tea and mesmerize your guests with a gust of taste and flavors. There is an unwritten rule that when a person goes to Taiwan, he does not forget to bring the famous Taiwanese sweets and pastry with him. We have brought a delectable representation of the great Taiwanese legacy with these amazing tarts.