Winter Wonderland - LIMITED EDITION

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This seasonal edition tart box is a wintry delight. You’d agree that a single dessert is not enough to decorate the Thanksgiving table; you need these cranberry tarts to have an imposing effect on your guests. Cranberry tarts are perfect for holiday season and enhance the mood of festivities. The color, the flavor and the mix of crunchiness and soft and chewy core are just awesome. It releases some fantastic flavors in your mouth and makes this lovable season more endearing. Enjoy this pack with your soul-mate and feel the romance filled in the air.

Cranberry tarts have long been associated with the Thanksgiving table. Now cranberry flavor is finding its use in a wide array of delicious preparations such as pastries, baked items, jams, desserts, juices and smoothies. We have brought the goodness of this wonder fruit into this savory tart that abounds with love and happiness, joy and celebrations. Feel the refreshment of pure love and pristine pleasure with these skillfully prepared delights.

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