Pineapple Ginger

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There’s something pleasing about this sweet and jammy wonder and the combined effect of its inner soft & chewy filling and the crumbly buttery crust is simply engrossing. Open a box, and it’s hard to resist this tasty delight. These pineapple filled preparations combine the best of Taiwanese tart making traditions with some incredible American flavors and bring out the taste that is at its best. These tart bricks are very delicious, and you have to taste it to know it. Words are far too less to describe the true experience of these sweet wonders. Kids will love these tarts straightaway and they will quickly become everyone’s favorite. Feel the intoxicating atmosphere of a tropical destination right into your living place putting these yummy tart bricks into your mouth. Team up with some tea, and you are ready to welcome your guests in style. And, it’s also a great gift idea. Gift it to a loved one and strengthen your bonds of care and affection.